The Catalog

This site is a catalog of Saul Leiter artwork that I have in my personal collection.   Saul Leiter was my friend and I assisted him over the course of 35 years. During that time he was very kind to me and sometimes gave me artwork and photographs.  Sometimes he signed and returned prints that I had made for him.

The work here is not for sale and this is not a commercial enterprise.  Please see the Howard Greenberg Gallery or the Saul Leiter Foundation for further information or for the sale of Saul Leiter images and artwork.

The intent of this site is to share my collection with a larger audience.  Rather than having it hidden in boxes, you can see a representation of it here.  Even this small collection demonstrates that Saul was a masterful and diverse artist. Other collections may be significantly larger and more diverse. This is what I have to show. 

All artwork on this site, mine included, is covered by copyright and all laws pertaining to copyrighted works apply. This artwork may not be reproduced without the express permission of the respective copyright holders.