Saul Leiter-Catalog: A Selection of Artwork in the Porter Collection
Saul Leiter Painting, An Actress


Institutions that promote Saul's work

Saul Leiter Foundation (Margit Erb & staff), Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Saul Leiter's art

Howard Greenberg Gallery (Howard Greenberg & staff), Sale of Saul Leiter prints and artwork


The following are some of the people that I know and respect who where involved with and influenced by Saul.

Tony Cinecola, Photographer, Assistant, and friend to Saul & Soames for many years NY Times Photographer

Susan Forristal, Long time friend of Saul and Soames

Cara Galowitz, Artist and friend to Saul

Anders Goldfarb, Photographer, Assistant, Consummate Organizer and friend to Saul for many years

Alan Klienberg, Photographer and long time friend of Saul's

Tomas Leach, Filmmaker, Friend of Saul and Director of "In no great hurry", an excellent documentary on Saul

Adam Levy, Writer, Director, and friend of Saul

Alen MacWeeny, Editorial Photographer, Alen introduced me to Saul and shared his studio at 156 5th Ave

Joyce Ravid, Photographer, Assistant and friend to Saul for many years